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Allergens and dust can be hazardous for your family’s health. These can circulate within the air inside your home if necessary steps aren’t taken. At Metrowide Duct Cleaning, our experienced team sells and installs products like UV air filters, purifiers and whole home humidifiers. We provide our product installation and cleaning services to the residents of Toronto and the GTA. If you have any questions regarding our services, please give us a call or read our FAQ section. We will be eagerly waiting for your call.

What We Sell and Install

Here are the different air quality improvement products that we sell and install for our commercial and residential clients:

Electrostatic Air Filters and Disposable Air Filters

Electrostatic air filters are comprised of filter media that has been "charged," giving them attracting capabilities. Multi-layer washable filters can include layers of materials designed to charge particles as they pass through. These filters are easy to wash, and you can just hose them down when it’s time to clean them. We carry a wide variety of products in different sizes that can fit all makes and models. You can also ask for a disposable filter when you visit us; you will find everything here at Metrowide Duct Cleaning.

UV Air Purifiers

These purifiers are counted among the quietest out of the different air purifying devices available on the market right now. They are great for residential as well as commercial use. As the name suggests, UV air purifiers use UV or ultraviolet bulbs to keep the air inside your house clean. Get one installed inside the AC coil today and say goodbye to mould, mildew, viruses, fungi, dust, pollen and other harmful substances that can float freely in the air. A well-placed UV bulb can effectively reduce the number of harmful elements from your rooms as the air passes through the air handler system.

Whole Home Humidifiers

Maintaining the right humidity in your home is essential. If the air in your room has a low humidity level, it can dry out your nasal pathways, harm plants and affect the durability of wooden furniture. It can also create static energy in the area, which can be irritating. By choosing Metrowide Duct Cleaning, you can buy high-quality products and get expert installation services to go along with them. Enjoy a promise of better health and cost-efficiency with our humidifiers. We sell whole home humidifiers from reputed brands such as GeneralAire®, Honeywell Home, Carrier, Lennox and Trane.


Fresh Indoor Air

We sell UV air purifiers, whole home humidifiers and air filters for residential and commercial use. You can also call us to get them installed.

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