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The quality of air that we breathe can affect our health quite significantly. That is why it is advised that air ducts and vents should be regularly cleaned and maintained. At Metrowide Duct Cleaning, we offer our services for residential and commercial clients. Here, you will find a small collection of questions we regularly get from clients and detailed answers for each. If you still have doubts about duct cleaning, air vent cleaning or any other related topic, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Q: Why Is My Indoor Air Less Clean than the Air Outside?

A: In places like Canada, where winter-proofing your home or business is vitally important, ventilation often is poor. Dust, cigarette smoke and other detritus are sealed inside and just continue to circulate until you inhale them. Opening windows and doors when weather permits and running exhaust fans can help somewhat. But nothing clears the air quite like an air purifier and regular duct cleanings.

Q: Why Is Dust Harmful?

A: You wouldn’t think it would be. But consider what dust consists of: not only fibres from your clothing, from upholstered furniture, from drapes and carpeting; but also flakes of skin, insects, pollen, mould spores, dust mites, pet dander and hair, and more. Breathing this unsavoury mix can irritate your sinuses, causing allergies to flare up or even asthma symptoms to appear.

Q: How Can Duct Cleaning Help?

Duct cleaning on a periodic basis clears out your duct system, keeping the allergens and particles trapped there from recycling throughout your home or office – and your lungs! Also, duct cleaning can actually save you money, as clogged ducts can cause your home heating and cooling system to work less energy-efficiently. The harder your system has to work to push through clogged ducts, the more money it costs – and the quicker it will wear out.

Q: When Should I Change My Filters?

A: Certainly after any renovations, as this sort of activity in your home or business can disturb long-stationary materials such as drywall and insulation, leaving them circulating through the air and collecting in your filters. After changing your filters, you’ll experience a drastic improvement in your indoor air quality.

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