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Our team has years of experience in duct cleaning to improve airflow efficiency at your home.

Your Partner for Duct Cleaning in Toronto and the GTA

Breathe easier with duct cleaning and air filters from Metrowide Duct Cleaning. Our team has provided expert duct-cleaning services to homes and businesses for 20 years. We provide professional duct cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA, along with sales and installation services of air quality improvement products. Give us a call today to inquire about our services and products.

Increase the Life Span of Your System.

Dust, mould, mildew, pollen, smells, and other allergy triggers will be removed from your ducts using our high-pressure, truck-mounted equipment and portable Hypervac, preventing them from being recycled into your home or workplace. Cleaning your ducts, vents, and filters on a regular basis will improve the efficiency and life of your furnace or air conditioner.

When to Clean Ducts?

Consider scheduling duct cleaning:

Before moving into a home or business.
After major renovations.
If there has been water or fire damage to your home.
If you have allergies or pets (regular cleaning and replacing filters will help reduce allergy symptoms).

Avoid Fire with a Dryer Vent Alarm

Metrowide Duct Cleaning not only cleanses the air you breathe; we also prevent disaster. We are Canada’s exclusive dealer of the DrySafer™ Dryer Vent Alarm. This device warns you of insufficient airflow inside clogged dryer exhaust ducts, avoiding the potential of fire. Read our FAQ page for other important information.

At Metrowide Duct Cleaning, we also install UV air purifiers, electrostatic air filters and whole home humidifiers to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. Call us today to learn how.

Breathe in Clean and Fresh Air

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Every time you get your ducts cleaned, it is imperative to get them disinfected. We make use of top-quality products from manufacturers like Benefect. These products make sure that your ducts are clean, disinfected and left without a trace of viruses or bacteria. Metrowide Duct Cleaning can offer disinfection services for schools, offices and other facilities. Proper disinfection is the key to controlling the spread of diseases like COVID-19. Our cleaning products from Benefect are used in a spray and can easily deter the coronavirus. To do this, the disinfectant bonds itself to the infected area, which restricts the mobility of the pathogens and reduces the spread of the coronavirus.

The mist sprayed by us is best suited for this requirement as it can form an even layer over the area and kill germs, providing you with 360-degree protection. We use a fogging machine to disinfect your ducts.The EPA-registered disinfectant cleans and kills germs as soon as it's applied. On your call, we can also disinfect doorknobs, light switches, and other high-touch areas.

The Advantages of Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your household or commercial vents and ducts regularly provides several advantages:

It contributes to a healthier living environment.
It lowers the number of allergens and irritants in the air.
It makes breathing easier for everyone and improves air quality.
It eliminates foul odours.

How Do You Know It's Time to Clean Your Ducts?

If there is one of the following problems, it’s time to call us:

You haven't replaced the air filter lately.
Mould signs in or near your HVAC system.
Over the registers and vent covers, there is a noticeable dust coating.
There is a lack of ventilation, and you can hear noises coming from the ducting.

Professional Affiliations

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Promotions & Special Offers

One of Canada’s exclusive dealers of the DrySafer™ Dryer Vent Alarm

We respect your personal time: Metrowide Duct Cleaning will never interrupt you with telemarketing calls! We also have no outsourcing of our work.

A person opening an overhead air vent

Clean and Hygienic Ducts

We have top-notch equipment and an experienced team that can clean air ducts really well.

A person working on a dryer duct

Dryer Vent Cleanup

At Metrowide Duct Cleaning, we use quality products to make sure your dryer vents are clean and free from lint.

A large air overhead air duct system

Commercial Duct and Vent Cleaners

We can make your office space hygienic and clean by providing air duct and vent cleanup services.

side view of dryer vents

Safety Comes First

Once installed, our dryer alarm will sound whenever your dryer's vents are clogged, helping you to avoid fires.

A kid studying in a room with an air purifier installed

Air Purifiers, Filters and More

We offer air filters, UV air purifiers and whole home humidifiers for residential and commercial clients in the GTA region.

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