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Metrowide Duct Cleaning Inc, Serving the GTA

Breathe easier with duct cleaning and air filters from Metrowide Duct Cleaning, provider of expert duct-cleaning services to homes and businesses in the GTA for 15 years.

Increase the Life of Appliances!

Our high-pressure truck-mounted equipment and portable Hypervac will remove the build-up of dust, mould, mildew, pollen, odours and other allergy triggers in your ducts and prevent them from being recycled into your home or office. You also will increase the efficiency and life of your dryer, furnace and air conditioner with regular cleaning of ducts, vents and filters.

When to Clean Ducts

Consider scheduling duct cleaning:

  • Before moving into a home or business
  • After major renovations
  • If there has been water or fire damage to your home
  • If you have allergies (regular cleaning and replacement of filters will help reduce allergy symptoms)

Avoid Fire with a Dryer Vent Alarm

Metrowide Duct Cleaning not only can cleanse the air you breathe, we also can prevent disaster. We are Canada’s exclusive dealer of the DrySafer™ Dryer Vent Alarm. This device warns you of insufficient air flow inside clogged dryer exhaust ducts, avoiding the potential of fire. Read our FAQ page for other important information.

24/7 Service

At Metrowide Duct Cleaning, we can also install air purifiers, electrostatic air filters and humidifiers to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. And, for your safety, we provide 24/7 service! Call us today to learn how.

We respect your personal time:

Metrowide Duct Cleaning will never interrupt you with telemarketing calls!

We also have no outsourcing of our work.

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Canada’s exclusive dealer of the DrySafer™ Dryer Vent Alarm

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