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Is Your Home or Work Environment Making You Sick?

It can happen, with all the allergens circulating through the air. Let Metrowide Duct Cleaning Inc keep your respiratory system healthy with air purifiers, air filters and humidifiers.

Electrostatic Air Filters and Disposable Air Filters

Our electrostatic air filters are perfect for those busy people who tend to forget to replace their furnace air filters. This washable filter effectively traps dust and allergens and can be simply hosed off when it’s time for cleaning. Or ask for disposable air filters. It’s all right here at Metrowide.

UV Air Purifiers

Metrowide Duct Cleaning can also provide you with air purifiers, including those using ultraviolet bulbs. Get one installed in your AC coil to help protect yourself against bacteria, mould, mildew, dust, pollen and other harmful substances in the air.


Ask about Metrowide’s humidifiers for a healthier atmosphere in your home. Air that has too little humidity can dry out nasal passages, cause damage to wooden furniture and floors, create irritating static electricity and affect houseplants. By choosing a humidifier from Metrowide, you’ll enjoy better health and even save on energy costs.

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